"As a speed typist (60wpm) efficiency is critical to me. With Integrated Keyboarding, I don't need to waste time and energy searching for the right hand location. Now I work better and have more fun!".
- Joseph A.

"Integrated Keyboarding is revolutionary. I can scroll, drag, and do all my computer tasks without moving my hands around. Thanks so much! If only you had come along years ago!".
- Liora T.

Tired of moving your hands all day to control your computer? With INTEGRATED KEYBOARDING - keep your hands in one location to move the mouse, drag, scroll, move the cursor, highlight or use the number pad.

Click below for a free demonstration and then, download and install Integrated Keyboarding for a FREE 10 DAY TRIAL PERIOD. Available for both left handed and right handed users. Integrated Keyboarding is intuitive so it is EASY TO LEARN! Try it now and start being the master of your computer.

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